What to expect

At your first consultation with Dr Caplash a thorough assessment will be done, clinical photographs will be taken and investigations requests filled in. You will also get to meet our Personal Assistant who will explain the whole process and liaise with the hospitals and prepare your quotes. If you are ready to proceed then at a second consultation the surgical procedure is discussed. If appropriate 3D modeling is done to show the approximate changes produced by the operation. The body tissues heal differently, hence only an approximation can be shown.

Do I have to go to hospital?

Different operations require different levels of inpatient admissions. Some procedures can be done as day surgery procedures, others need 1-3 days of hospital stay. This information will be provided to you on your first consultation.

How much does it cost?

There are several costs involved in any operation and our Personal Assistant will discuss these with you after your consultation. There is a surgical fee, theatre fee and anaesthetic fee payable. A rebate is payable by Medicare in some circumstances. Procedures performed for cosmetic reasons do not attract a rebate and GST applies. If you do not have private health cover and the procedure does not attract a Medicare rebate the hospitals will charge theatre and accommodation fee. A written quotation will be prepared for you prior to booking for your procedure.

How long will I be away from work?

Time off from work and social activities varies according to the surgical procedure you are undertaking. Most surgical procedures will need 1-3 weeks off from work. It depends on the type of surgery, pain, bruising and swelling associated with the procedure. It is best to discuss this at the time of your first consultation

Will I need to have dressings?

Majority of the surgical procedures require dressings. Often you will be sent home with a dressing, which may be reduced after 2 days. Some stay on for a week. It may even be in the form of a simple tape over the wound, which allows you to shower. Some operations need a splint to be worn for a time period.

How many post- operative visits are needed?

Every operation is different, scar tissue can take up to a year to mature, hence your post operative follow up can go up to a year to ensure you have a good final outcome. Immediate post -operative visits are standardized and strict and more relaxed subsequently according to your convenience.

What if something goes wrong?

Dr Caplash and his team are committed to providing the best care possible to you. Detailed information will be provided to you pre operatively about the nature of the procedure and what can go wrong, so there are no surprises and to reassure you that Dr Caplash is capable of looking after you in case there is a complication. Every attempt is made to ensure the best surgical result is achieved. If you have any concerns feel free to discuss with Dr Caplash and his team at any time.

Our friendly, professional staff will treat you with the utmost respect, dignity and compassion at all times