Skin Rejuvenation FAQs

What is the difference between anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers?

Anti-wrinkle treatments are muscle relaxants that soften lines by treating the over active muscles that create them.

Our fillers are products based on natural components of the skin which are responsible for the natural moisture balance of the skin. They volumise the fat pads, plump up the skin & soften lines that occur as we age.

Muscle relaxants work best on dynamic lines that appear, or worsen on expression.

Fillers work best to restore lost volume in the face, to lift & restore youthful contours & to treat static lines (lines that remain without facial expression).

Muscle relaxants and fillers can be used very effectively together, to extend longevity, in areas where there is a combination of over-active muscles and deep lines.

What areas can be treated?

Muscle Relaxants

  • Frown, forehead lines, crows feet and bunny scrunch lines can be softened very effectively.
  • Brows can be shaped and lifted.
  • Reduce square jaw appearance by reducing clenching, and slimming and firming of jaw line Prominent neck bands and down turned corners of mouth respond well to this treatment.
  • It is also an excellent treatment for underarm perspiration and sweaty palms.


As we age we lose volume in our cheeks, nasolabial, marionette & temple areas leaving us looking “drawn” & “down in the mouth”. The thinning of the skin also leads to surface & deeper lines in frowns, forehead, cheeks & lips. Restoration of lost volume in these areas will help to rejuvenate & restore your youthful look.

Fillers are also used to enhance lips to create fullness and give definition to an aging lip.

Will I look “frozen” with muscle relaxing treatments?

No. We can relax muscles to varying degrees, depending on the strength of the muscle and personal preference. We are therefore able to give a natural looking result that softens rather than freezes the expression.

What is the initial consultation for?

Initial consultation (without charge) entails taking a complete medical history to assess if there are any medical conditions that may contra-indicate treatment.

We discuss priorities for improvement, including causes of facial aging. In consultation with Dr Caplash, our Plastic Surgeon, the most suitable treatment is recommended.

Explanation of the appropriate treatments follow, including how the treatments work, aftercare, longevity & a fully costed treatment plan is provided at this time.

What does the treatment entail?

Muscle relaxants

An ice-pack is applied to the area prior to treatment, to lessen sensation. When injected, the muscle relaxant may sting for a few seconds, before easing.


Ice packs are also used, & in some cases, a local anaesthetic injection can be given. Fillers also contain local anaesthetic, lessening the discomfort to the area.

What will I look like afterwards?

Muscle relaxants

The pin pricks will possibly be slightly raised, & pink. This usually resolves within 15-30 minutes. Bruising is possible, although not common.


Swelling may be evident. Some areas, such as lips, are more prone to this. The area may also be pink, & the possibility of bruising exists.


Muscle relaxants

It is of utmost importance not to touch, prod, or massage the area for at least 4 hours after the treatment, to prevent spreading of the product. (see side effects). No heavy physical exercise is also recommended for the first 4 hours post treatment.


If swelling is present, application of ice-packs will help this recede, & sleeping elevated on a couple of pillows will also assist. No heavy physical exercise for the day of treatment. If lips have been treated, no hot baths or showers that night.

It is not recommended to fly for a couple of days after treatments, and avoid pigmentation & capillary laser treatments for at least 2 weeks.

How quickly will it work?

Muscle relaxants

Within 5-7 days of initial treatment the treatment will start to take effect & maximum results will be seen at 2 weeks. A review appointment will be scheduled to assess results. Response quickens with repeated treatments, usually 3-4 days.


Instant improvement will be seen, but further improvement will continue for up to 1 month, as the fillers absorb water and expand. A review appointment will be scheduled to assess progress.

How long will it last?

Muscle relaxants

Initially treatments will last between 3-4 months, depending on the strength of the muscle & dosage used. This longevity increases over time as muscle strength is diminished.


Depending on the strength of the filler used, the area and depth injected, and age of the patient, fillers may last between 6 & 18 months.

What are the side effects?

Muscle relaxants.

It is most important to avoid prodding or massage to the treated area for at least 4 hours post treatment as the spreading of the product can cause temporary flattening of the eyebrow or droop of the upper eyelid. This can last 2-3 weeks, but eye drops can be used to lessen the reaction.


Apart from initial potential swelling & bruising, very rarely, a delayed reaction can occur to the product. This can appear as redness and swelling, but is usually short lived & self limiting. The products can also be dissolved if necessary.

What will it cost?

Costs vary, depending on product used, areas treated, and amount of product needed to achieve a good result.

Everybody is looking for a different final result, some are happy with a softening, while others would like maximum improvement. Some would like to achieve this result as quickly as possible, while others are happier to slowly & gradually work towards their goal.

This is why the initial consultation is particularly valuable, so we can work together to find a treatment plan that is individual to your needs. As a fully costed treatment plan is provided at this consultation, you will be aware of all costs before embarking on treatment.

Our friendly, professional staff will treat you with the utmost respect, dignity and compassion at all times